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It has never been easier to send well-designed branded e-campaigns.

Advantage Mail is Simple & Powerful Email Marketing for the Aesthetic Industry.


  • Complimentary customer support
  • No sign-up fee or contracts
  • Mobile-ready templates specific for the aesthetic industry
  • Dynamic content—Emails personalized with the recipient’s name
  • Robust reports that provide analytics on real-time worldview reports, open rate, unique clicks and much more
  • Ability to educate, feature promotions, share on Facebook and Instagram and sell gift cards from your shopping site
  • A/B testing tools for subject line, sender name and email content
    Subscriber list management
  • Automated campaigns for birthdays, welcome messages, improved conversion rates post-consult, injection reminders, custom surveys and more

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3 Steps to Your Best Marketing ROI

Step 1: Sign up, we will set up your account and let you know when it’s ready.

Step 2: We will contact you to schedule online training and best practices for creating, sending and establishing an e-campaign sending strategy.

Step 3: Select a template and start creating, sending and engaging with your patients.

We’re just a call away. Whenever you’d like help with an email campaign, sending strategy or setting up an automated engagement program.

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Custom Branded Email Templates

Improve and maintain brand loyalty with a custom template or two. Learn more about our design options on the Templates and Services page.

Copywriting Made Easy

We’ve got you covered! For a small fee, choose from our content library of original, relevant articles covering a wide variety of topics or call us to get a quote for custom written copy.

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